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Hydroseeding is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to re-vegetate a disturbed area whether it is to be a lawn or a non-mowed green space. Ultimate Landscaping has been a leader in the hydro seeding field and has been creating beautiful green spaces and lawns in the tri-state areas since 1997.

What is Hydroseeding:

Hydroseeding consists of spraying on a mixture of water, a high quality seed blend, fertilizer and hydro seeding mulch all in one application that helps keep the soil moist and promotes fast germination. We can seed any variety of lawn seed, athletic field mixes, erosion control mixes such as crown vetch, wildflowers, ornamental plants, and even trees.

We can seed most any application. We have seeded new lawns, re-seeded areas where damaged by repairs such as utility lines being installed, golf courses, football, baseball, and soccer fields, hillsides for erosion control, retention ponds, gas well sites, housing developments, mine reclamations, and including the roof of a building.

Hydroseeding can give you a lawn that will quickly become a better healthier lawn than sod at a small fraction of the cost. We are very competitive in our prices.  Coming in under most bid estimates on the projects that we get involved with. We have seeded areas as small as 1000 square feet and as big as 232 acres.   Our  experience totals in the thousands of acres!

The benefits of hydro seeding:

  • It's very economical. In a short time you will have a beautiful lawn at 1/3rd the price of a sod lawn.  

  • It is efficient.  We apply a high quality blend of seeds containing blue grass, fescue and rye that along with a hydro seeding mulch and fertilizer that provide an ideal micro-environment for maximum growth all in one step.  

  • You'll get a thicker, more uniform lawn because the mulch forms a mat of interlocking fibers that help create a micro-greenhouse effect.  

  • Your lawn will be significantly healthier and last longer because it's grown on your native soil, not miles away at a turf farm.

  • Hydro seeding is safe and non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment.


Care for your newly hydro seeded lawn


One of the most important things in caring for your newly hydroseeded lawn is proper watering. Kept moist your lawn will grow quickly and thrive. You want to water 2 times a day (3 in hot weather) on days it does not rain. You want to be careful not to over water. Don't let it puddle or run off. Puddles can drown the seed and run off can cause seed to be eroded away on slopes. If you underwater you run the risk of weeds since they can grow in drier soil and deprive the grass of the water it needs. This can result in killing all or part of your turf area. Frequent light waterings are preferable to infrequent heavy soakings. It is extremely important to keep the seed bed moist continually until just before your first mowing. Once you have mowed you can reduce watering.


We apply a high phosphorus starter fertilizer when we seed. Starter fertilizer has ingredients that promote healthy roots. We feel a strong root system is important to create a healthy lawn. Once your grass is growing and after the first mowing we recommend applying a high nitrogen fertilizer such as Scott's Turf Builder (but not Turf Builder + that includes a weed killer.) Be careful not to over apply. Once you have applied fertilizer your grass should quickly fill in and become a dark green beautiful lawn.


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